I am a big believer in Karma, and I will tell you why. I didn’t originally start off wanting to be an esthetician but through trial and error, being around the right people and my curiosity about makeup, here I am today.

My beauty career all began with an adult education class. The class was a makeup and color class at a high school in West Hartford. That little class led me to want to know more about the skin and how to make it look and feel better. I was twenty-four when I started esthetic school at New England School of Hairdressing. I will never forget my instructor, Miss Grace! She was so knowledgeable and inspiring. Miss Grace believed in me and thought I would make a great esthetician. She encouraged me to take advanced classes and guided me to Catherine Hinds School of Esthetics in Massachusetts. Moving to Massachusetts was hard but the best move I ever made! My passion only grew from there! I don’t know where I would be had I not found my true calling. There is a great satisfaction in helping women reach their skincare and makeup goals.

I have worked in the spa industry since 2003; teaching esthetics at Brio Academy and Paul Mitchell School in North Haven, continuing my education by taking classes and going to trade shows. I have gained much knowledge working in various spas and medical spas specializing in acne and anti-aging treatments which included, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, micro needling, dermaplaning and other specialty treatments.

Since the beginning of my career I have always wanted to own a business. So, in 2011, with the help of some great people, I started my own makeup business. With the makeup line Motives, I started custom blending liquid and powder foundations, bronzers and blushes for so many new clients. I was in salons, friends’ homes, ladies’ nights out, and hair schools doing demonstrations. Being able to help women feel beautiful and confident brings me so much joy. Seeing the look on my clients faces when they see how effective skincare treatments and a little bit of great makeup can help their skin look younger and smoother is so satisfying for my soul. Fast forward to 2018…I now have a full service spa of my own! Take a look at my services and book your appointment today!